In the creative world, tools aplenty we find,
VVVV, TouchDesigner, Cables, Tooll3, Notch in kind.
In this grand competition, their talents will enthrall,
Let the contest decide the greatest of them all.

Welcome to the battle!

At the Chaos Communication Camp, Rosi introduced us to the concept of a “Patch Battle,” a platform for teams to showcase their weapon of choice in a creative showdown. The ultimate question: Which creative tool reigns supreme in terms of speed and producing stunning results?

Only a fair competition can determine the victor. Thus, each team will designate a champion to step into the arena and vie for glory. Here are the rules:

The rules

The date

The battle is planned for Saturday, Sep. 30th 2023 6pm at the Deadline Party Berlin in the party is at ORWO Haus in Berlin Marzahn.